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Chicken Coops

What began as a love for fresh yard eggs, and a gift for my mother, led to a thriving small business.  The increased awareness into what we put into our bodies has led to a rise in the organic, self-sustaining culture.  Our design was comprised from all of the best features we could find from various manufacturers on the web including all treated construction, exterior laying boxes, mobility, and a mechanical door operated from the outside.  YOU NEVER HAVE TO ENTER THE COOP!!!.  While our competitors charge $2,500.00 for coops similar to our design and construction, you may buy them at Gateway Sales directly from the manufacturer for $1,200.00.  Our large coops are easily capable of maintaining a flock of 12 chickens.  We also off smaller coops with attached turn outs designed for up to 5, 8, and 10 chickens, respectively.  Our smaller coops wholesale for $600.00 (4'x8'), $750 (4'x11'), and $900 (6'x11').
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