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Carports/Steel Structure

If you are looking to protect your car, recreational vehicle, boat, farm equipment, or anything else which needs protection from the harsh outdoor elements, then our wide selection of rugged, all-steel structures and steel buildings are the perfect solution.

Gateway Sales, as a preferred Eagle Carport dealer, offers the widest selection of self-supporting steel structures to meet your needs. Our products are a convenient and economical way to store and protect your investment. We offer several standard sizes to save you money; however, we can accommodate almost any need with our custom solutions.

The hyper links below will leak you to our web-base quotation system.  While this system will be able to provide accurate pricing for most of our customers, please contact Gateway Sales at (409) 296-3595 to obtain our most accurate, up-to-date pricing!
Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What materials are used to make the structures?

The majority of components utilized in our frames are made of 2 1/4" by 2 1/4" galvanized steel tubing for 12 gauge buildings and 2 1/2" by 2 1/2" for 14 gauge buildings.

2.  What sizes are available for carports and garages?

For most of our carports and garages, the standard sizes are listed below. However, if these standard sizes are not suitable for you, please call us and we will try to accommodate your needs!
12 x 21 12 x 26 12 x 31 12 x 36 12 x 41
18 x 21 18 x 26 18 x 31 18 x 36 18 x 41
20 x 21 20 x 26 20 x 31 20 x 36 20 x 41
22 x 21 22 x 26 22 x 31 22 x 36 22 x 41
24 x 21 24 x 26 24 x 31 24 x 36 24 x 41
26 x 21 26 x 26 26 x 31 26 x 36 26 x 41
28 x 21 28 x 26 28 x 31 28 x 36 28 x 41
30 x 21 30 x 26 30 x 31 30 x 36 30 x 41

3.  What methods are used to anchor the carport and garages?

There are three anchoring types. If the structure were to be mounted to a concrete pad or footing, then traditional concrete wedge anchors would be used. We offer a 30 inch rebar anchor that is intended for use when a structure is mounted directly to dirt or gravel surface. On our certified buildings, a helical mobile home anchor is used. On non-certified structures, these can be purchased as an optional item.

4.  How long does it take from the time I place my order until the time the building is installed?

The majority of our installations are completed in 3-5 weeks!

What are the tallest legs that can be ordered?

The tallest legs that can be ordered are 12 feet. Anything taller than 12 feet can be ordered by special approval only. Our installation professionals are equipped with the tools to handle installations of up to 12 feet.

6.  What preparation should be completed before my building is installed?

Insure that the site designated for product installation is a flat and square surface. In order to provide you with affordable products, with quick installation, site preparation, as well as building permits, are the responsibility of the customer. The customer is responsible for any local permits, covenant searches, rights of way, set-back restrictions, etc.

Why aren't the prices listed online?

Only authorized dealers have up to date price listings and prices do vary from state to state. Several factors govern why the prices vary from state to state. Shipping and freight from distribution centers, construction requirements, which factor in snow load requirements in northern states, wind and anchoring system requirements in hurricane and tornado prone areas, are all factors that result in price variances from state to state.

Will ordering direct from Eagle Carports result in a lower price?

No! Eagle will take your order but the price will not be any lower. Of course, we would prefer that you purchase your unit from Gateway Sales; however, any authorized Eagle Carport dealer will be able to match our price.  Service is the only value added benefit that we have to earn your business.  We take service seriously!

Why can't I order from Eagle Carports online?

An extensive dealer network is in place to meet the needs of the community in which they serve.  Local dealers are more in tune with the needs of their service area.

10.  What are the on center spacing of the frame legs/bows?

As a general rule, the spacing of the frame legs/bows are 5 feet on center.

11.  What is the height in the center of the building if I order a certain height leg?

The chart below will allow you to calculate this measurement. For example, if the carport / garage is a Standard Style Double unit, 20 feet wide with 7 feet legs, add 3' 0" to the 7 feet leg height for a total height of 10'.


Standard Style Double

Boxed Eave and Vertical Roof
12' 2' 6" 2' 0"
18' 3' 0" 2' 6"
20' 3' 0" 2' 6"
22' 3' 3" 2' 9"
24' 3' 6" 3' 0"
26' 4' 0" 3' 6"
28' 4' 3" 3' 9"
30' 4' 6" 4' 0"

12.  If installing a garage door what leg height would I need?

If installing garage door centered on the end (width of building) the leg height can be the same height as the garage door. If installing two garage doors on the end (depending on width of building) the legs need to be 1 foot taller than the doors. If installing a garage door on the side (length of building) the legs need to be I foot taller than the door.

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